Beacon Soft Drinks
Unit B10
Hollingbury Enterprise Estate
Crowhurst Road
Brighton, East Sussex

Tel: 01273 506545
Fax: 01273 558827

What's the point in having major brands and keen prices without major support that minimises "downtime"? We all know equipment fails and when this does happen we will endeavour to minimise the impact that this has on you and your business.

Technical support from trained technicians .

As soon as a technician receives your call, he will call to provide immediate technical support.

Estimated Time of Arrival (E.T.A )

When our technicians receive your call they will let you know when they are going to arrive.

Quality Call - Ten system checks every time we call .

Fixing next weeks problem today."

Proactive service i.e. regular service calls .

"We fix it before you know it's broke."

"First Time Fix" policy.

Our technicians will endeavour to affect a repair that leaves you operational each and every time.