Beacon Soft Drinks
Unit B10
Hollingbury Enterprise Estate
Crowhurst Road
Brighton, East Sussex

Tel: 01273 506545
Fax: 01273 558827

Branded Products - post mix soft drinks

There's no denying the power of a brand for leading to higher sales and increased profitability, especially those brands that have a special affinity with consumers, for their unique brand values.

Being part of Nichols Plc, Beacon Soft Drinks is able to offer well known and well loved household soft drinks brands Vimto and Sunkist as part of their range.

Through a network of associations with major brand holders, Beacon also offers Outspan, Irn Bru and Pepsi

Pepsi Cola Logo view image Pepsi Cola

A multi million pound global brand and the preferred choice of the young cola drinker.
Irn Bru Logo view image Irn Bru

4th biggest carbonate drink in the Scotland. National advertising campaign. Nationwide marketing spend.
Vimto Logo view image Vimto

"Fun & fruity". Constant advertising and media spend.Strong brand appeal.A unique blend of ingredients creates the distinct Vimto flavour.
Sunkist Orange Logo view image Sunkist

The No.1 orange carbonate in the US. Substantial consumer brand awareness and acceptance Also available as a refreshing lemon and lime drink.Strong marketing support
Energy Drink Logo view image Energy Drink

A high quality, great tasting energy drink alternative to the leading brands, offering excellent profit margins versus packaged goods.