Beacon Soft Drinks
Unit B10
Hollingbury Enterprise Estate
Crowhurst Road
Brighton, East Sussex

Tel: 01273 506545
Fax: 01273 558827

Beacon Drinks has been quenching the nations thirst in Sussex and Surrey since 1983.

Always operating locally out of the Brighton area Beacon has grown over the years to its current position as part of the UK’s largest independent supplier of soft drinks on draught boasting a comprehensive and unrivalled portfolio of branded beverages. Beacon Drinks is part of Cabana who are in turn part of Nichols plc and supplies over 1,000 outlets in the licensed trade, leisure and catering markets.

Providing our customers with a unique ‘one-stop’ solution for all their dispense soft drinks requirements, Beacon leads the field with our equipment range, our product and brands portfolio, our on-going innovation and superb technical service levels giving unrivalled customer service and support. 

Experience where you need it most…
With more than 20 years heritage and experience in the soft drinks market, Beacon Drinks is ideally placed to be able identify and respond to the changing demands of our customers because we understand that your success is dependent on being able to offer the highest quality and consumer desired products, more of the time and whenever they want them.

A product and equipment range with consumer appeal…
Beacon Drinks Ltd commitment to developing strategic long-term partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers and brand holders is reflected in our strong product portfolio, which includes Pepsi Cola, Sunkist, Irn-Bru, Tizer, Vimto and Citrus Sun. 

In short, a product range to meet all customer-dispensed soft drinks needs, supported by an equipment range that is amongst the most visually attractive and reliable available.

The Post-Mix story 

The first dispense format soft drink was invented in1886 by John Pemberton. Following a number of different recipes and developments the first post-mix systems were introduced in 1964.

As the soft drinks market grew, so did Cabana as the range of products and equipment were developed and expanded to meet demand.

Today Cabana is the third largest supplier of dispense soft drinks in the UK, with a full range of products and brands, state-of the-art equipment and undoubtedly the best technical and customer service support in the industry.

Combining successful products, the most popular brands, reliable and high quality dispense equipment and the very highest commitment to quality, service and support, Cabana is the refreshing choice.

The company's distribution network stretches the length and breadth of the UK , encompassing both in-house companies like Beacon Drinks and privately owned appointed distributors who exclusively supply Cabana's range of post mix systems and ingredients.

Customers range from national and regional accounts in pub, club, retail, fast food, healthcare, education, leisure and hospitality sectors to name but a few.

Anywhere where you wish to serve a wide range of drinks, but save on space and storage we are confidant that the Beacon Drinks range can meet your requirements.